Thursday, August 18, 2005

wikid wikid weed

Hmmm. Used to smoke when I was on the road. Passed the time when things were slow and proved to be a great ice breaker with potential interview subjects in far flung pieces of earth.
I am now up to a half pack a day, but it it is out of worry. I have to stop, as I cannot afford the ten dollars per pack. Funny how one reacts to stress. It is making me re-evaluate all my travels to these war torn countries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.. I just quit before the lockout....I know... Had a few since last week... We can kick this any way...

Good luck

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Don't let them make you increase your smoking, camera guy. It's bad enough they've locked us out, we can't let them affect our long term health.

9:22 AM  

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